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Reservations are now open for some very special Silent Dinners leading up to and including our 60th event. These performances are held as a part of an exhibition on the Silent Dinner project at Project8 contemporary art gallery in Melbourne.

To book, please choose your date below and RSVP

No upcoming events at the moment

If you cannot attend the listed events, and would like to receive a notification when other Silent Dinners are open for bookings, please join the waitlist below. 


The waitlist will be notified of events first. 
If the dinner you would like to attend is booked out, or you would like to come at a future date not listed here, please fill in this form and we will contact you when we are arranging an event.
You can name more than one city if you can attend in multiple places. 

Thank you for your message.

You have been added to the waitlist.

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