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An invitation to dinner in silence

Dearest friends and silent culinary adventurers,


We are thrilled to announce the next Silent Dinner Paris, which will take place on Thursday 15 February, 2024, 8–10 pm.


Please excuse the prolonged pause. We have recently returned from hosting our landmark 60th international Silent Dinner and a large retrospective art exhibition on the project in Melbourne, after which we experimented with new forms of the SDs for Paris+ art fair.


The February dinner is a special collaboration with the talented Chef Marouane, a Master Chef finalist who is the culinary artist in residence at POUSH where he initiated the celebrated restaurant, La Bodega in 2021.


Reservations are at the secret link:


Seats are limited and reservations will close on 10 February.


If you have any questions email us at


We look forward to not talking to you!


Honi, Abi, Marouane, and the Silent Dinner team.

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